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We have a diverse resume of projects, from simple structures to state of the art facilities, in both the private and public sectors.  Below are some of our larger projects.

Residential Remodel - Lafayette
Residential Remodel - Lafayette

This private residence remodel project in Lafayette involved structural and electrical upgrades to the existing home, as well as master bedroom and bathrooom upgrades, and a coffered ceiling detail throughout much of the home.

Contract Value = $258,000

Completion = June 2014

Rossmoor Pool Enclosure

The Rossmoor Pool Enclosure project involved the addition of an enclosure structure over the existing Del Valle Clubhouse Fitness Center pools. In addition to the pool enclosure that included retractable roof sections, the aerobics pool and hot tub were reconfigured, and the existing lap pool was replastered. Tenant improvements were made to the bathrooms and adjacent facility rooms, and a new mechanical room was built to house the large air handling equipment needed to vent the new pool enclosure. This project received the Aquatic Center Architectural Award from the Walnut Creek Action for Beauty Council, and the State of California Senate Certificate of Recognition. This was an outstanding project delivered to a longtime client.

Contract Value = $1,943,647

Completion = 2007

Stoneglen HOA Carport Replacements

This project involves the replacement of old wooden carport structures.

Current Contract Value = $308,035

Scheduled Completion = October 2018

Sunrise Pointe Renovation

This project involved the selective replacement of siding and trim on various elevations of the buildings.  It also involved recoating of private decks over living spaces.

Contract Value = $1,400,470

Completion = September 2018

Sycamore Green Apartments Reroofing & Carports

This project involved the reroofing of flat single ply roofs and modified mansard shingle roofs on the buildings, as well as replacing the wood flat roof structure on all carports.

Current Contract Value = $1,712,395

Completion = December 2016

Tam Ridge Miscellaneous Repairs
Tam Ridge Miscellaneous Repairs

This project involved miscellaneous water intrusion repairs to an appartment complex in Corte Madera.

Contract Value = $995,000

Completion = August 2017

The Legends @ Willow Creek

This project involved the reconstruction of structural stair components throughout a condominium complex.

Contract Value = $1,303,862

Completion = May 2016

The Orchards @ Walnut Creek

This project involved building demising walls, as well as framing the structural openings for the rooftop mechanical equipment, in various tenant spaces.

Contract Value = $244,911

Completion = November 2016

Vine Hill HOA Fire Damage Restoration

This project involved the complete reconstruction, from the slab up, of two condominium units that were destroyed by a fire.  It also involved the reconstruction of six units partially damaged by the fire.  We also worked with the HOA's property manager and attorney to assist in resolving claim issues with the HOA's insurance company.

Contract Value = $1,419,585

Completion = November 2016