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We have a diverse resume of projects, from simple structures to state of the art facilities, in both the private and public sectors.  Below are some of our larger projects.

More Flavor Tenant Improvements
More Flavor Tenant Improvements

This project involved tenant improvements to an existing 95,000 sf office and warehouse space.  An existing office had walls reconfigured to create staff work stations and a call center.  An open warehouse space was converted into a metal fabrication area.  A new 2,800 sf wood framed production facility was constructed within the open warehouse area.

Contract Value = $450,000

Completion = November 2015

North Tahoe Industrial Tech Lab

The North Tahoe Industrial Tech Lab project consisted of converting an existing large woodshop space into separate rooms to house a computer lab, an audio visual lab, a robotics room, and a basic classroom.  Each individual workspace has it's own power and data connections.  This work was done for Truckee Unified School District.

Contract Value = $252,268

Completion = October 2013

Northstar Village Misc. Building Repairs

This project involves the replacement of siding and windows on two residential buildings, as well as a partial podium slab waterproofing repair.  The podium waterproofing repair involves removing the existing paver system and dirt fill down to the concrete podium top, preparing the podium top for a new waterproofing membrane, installation of a new waterproofing membrane, compaction of new dirt fill, and a new paver system.  The project is phased, and is being completed over the 2018 and 2019 summer seasons.

Current Contract Value = $5,589,278

Scheduled Completion = November 2019

Oakport Building Modifications

The Oakport Building Modifications project involved clearing a 60' +/- right-of-way area for the relocation of Oakport Street due to the I880 widening project. Accomplishing this included building a new office building, relocating main electrical services, building a new storage yard complete with overhead rail cranes, reconfiguring an existing storage yard, and chopping the existing manufacturing building back to the new right-of-way line. This was an extremely difficult project due to the age of the existing building, continued run-ins with underground obstructions, and the continued occupancy and use by the existing manufacturing tenant. We delivered an excellent end product to an outstanding client.

Contract Value = $4,944,332

Completion = 2008

Private Residence Completion - Los Altos

This project involved repairs to some existing work, as well as completion of the entire project, as a result of contract termination with the original contractor.

Contract Value - $440,669

Completion = April 2018

Private Residence Repairs - Santa Rosa

This project involves the complete removal and replacement of interior and exterior finishes, roofing replacement, exterior decks repairs, MEP repairs, and sitework repairs.

Current Contract Value = $4,000,000

Scheduled Completion =  February 2019

Private Residence Repairs - Tiburon

This project involved reframing structurally deficient window wall openings and deck framing at a private residence in Tiburon.

Contract Value = $568,872

Completion = September 2018

Private Residence Sitework - Alamo

This project involves the construction of new retaining walls, paver patios, a gas fire pit, stone faced stairs, an existing roof overhang extension, and a loggia to cover an existing outdoor kitchen area.

Current Contract Value = $423,342

Scheduled Completion = December 2018

Rehabilitation of the Civic Arts Building

The Rehabilitation of the Civic Arts Building- Hercules project consisted of a partial demolition, and reconstruction to original appearance of an approximately 2,000 square-foot historical building in the City of Hercules.  The work involved abatement of all hazardous materials onsite, and rehabilitation of the building exterior, including new windows and siding to match the original, new roof, landscaping, parking lot and utility upgrades.

Contract Value = $1,220,052

Completion = 2008

Residential Addition & Remodel - Walnut Creek
Residential Addition & Remodel - Walnut Creek

This private residence project in Walnut Creek involved the demolition and removal of every part of the structure except the foundation and structural wood framing.  Additional square footage was added, and substantial sitework was performed.  In the end, this is basically an entirely new home.

Contract Value = $1,350,000

Completion = July 2015