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We have a diverse resume of projects, from simple structures to state of the art facilities, in both the private and public sectors.  Below are some of our larger projects.

Brickyard Landing Residing

Brickyard Landing is a 310 unit Condominium Complex located in Point Richmond, CA. The project involves removal and replacement of sidewall shingle siding, installation of complex flashing details and repainting. The project consists of five 4 story buildings on top of 2 level parking garages.

Contract Value = $4,283,568

Completion = 2010

Brookside Road Exterior Repairs

The Brookside Road Exterior Repairs project involved the removal and replacement of failing portions of the exterior stucco system. Significant water intrusion damage was encountered. New sheet metal and flashings were added to correct the original problems.

Contract Value = $110,686

Completion = February 2013

Contra Costa County Animal Shelter - Martinez

The Contra Costa County Animal Services Facility- Martinez project involved completion of the county's new 29,000 square-foot Animal Services facility. The project was abandoned by the original general contractor, and RLBCI was selected by the Surety to complete the work. The project included construction of all interior and exterior finishes, completion of all exterior work including paving, decorative fencing and landscaping, as well as correction of all patent and latent defects remaining from work completed by the original contractor. Construction was completed in spring 2005. The County moved into the building while final construction activities were being completed, and has operated it as its flagship animal services hub since.

Contract Value = $4,191,071

Completion 2005

E.J. Phair Brewery Retrofit & Shell TI's

The E.J. Phair Brewery Structural Retrofit project involved structurally retrofitting an historical 100 year old un-reinforced masonry building that once housed the first Ford dealership established west of the Mississippi River. The retrofit consisted of major concrete reinforcing, including over 2,500 epoxy dowels into the existing un-reinforced masonry, as well as a completely new roof diaphragm with major support members. Extensive hand excavation and ground water removal was required due to the existing basement that was inaccessible to traditional production excavation methods. These major upgrades were required to accommodate a fully operational brewing facility.

Contract Value = $2,222,716

Completion = 2010

Gallery Walk HOA Misc. Building Repairs

This condominium reconstruction project involved repairs to pentrations in the existing stucco siding system.  Numerous entry doors, windows, and sliding glass doors were replaced.  Deck and planter wall caps were replaced.  Concrete flatwork and stairs were reworked to prevent future sulfate damage.  Deck drains were replaced, and new deck coating was installed.

Current Contract Value = $3,729,522

Completion = January 2016

Hillcrest Vista Deck and Stair Replacements

This project involved the reconstruction of various decks and stairways.

Contract Value = $160,657

Completion = May 2017

Humane Society Silicon Valley

The Humane Society Silicon Valley is a new 48,000 sf state of the art Animal Community Center situated on over 4 acres in Milpitas, CA.  The building is a slab-on-grade, wood framed design, clad in metal panels with a sandstone veneer.  The building achieved a LEED Gold Certification.  The very specialized nature and design of the facility, paired with the LEED component of the design, required the use of 50 trade and specialty subcontractors.  We are extremely proud of the final product we delivered to a very special client.

Contract Value = $16,185,953

Completion = 2009

Jackson Rancheria Hotel Envelope Renovation

This project involved the complete removal of an EIFS siding system down to the metal framing, and replacing it with a panelized rain screen system.  The windows were replaced and the pedestrian bridge from the parking structure to the hotel was rebuilt.

Contract Value = $4,500,000

Completion = February 2017

Komoto Breezehouse

The Komoto Breezehouse project consisted of relocating a state-of-the-art modular home to a new residential lot. The original Breezehouse was manufactured in Oregon, delivered to Menlo Park, and built in Sunset Magazine's parking lot. It was Sunset Magazine's featured project home. Our scope of work included demolition of the existing residence, grading the lot, building the foundation, overseeing the delivery and setting of the modules from Sunset Magazine's parking lot, making all structural attachments between the modules themselves and the foundation, construction of several architectural decks and custom concrete planters, and construction of two detached garages. The Sunset Breezehouse was designed by Michelle Kaufmann Design and Sunset Magazine for green, healthy living.

Contract Value = $500,000

Completion = 2006

LTVOR Miscellaneous Building Repairs

The Lake Tahoe Vacation Ownership Resort (LTVOR) Miscellaneous Building Repairs Project was a major renovation project performed at an active timeshare vacation resort on the shore of Lake Tahoe in South Lake Tahoe. This renovation included a full remodel and abatement in 142 of the 182 suites and a full reconstruction of all the exterior systems on the building.

The interior renovation involved demolition and reconstruction of select interior and exterior walls, and remodeling the entire suite with new high-end casework, granite, tile, lighting, plumbing fixtures, carpet and appliances. The end result was an upźdated look and feel that will accommodate the resort's guests for years to come.

On the exterior, all of the existing finishes and waterproofing systems were removed and replaced with new waterproofing membranes, flashings, doors, windows, siding and roofing. The new roofing system was equipped with a Bylin ice melt system, and a stone wainscot was installed around the base of the building to better provide for the harsh climate and snow build-up.

Other areas involved in the renovation were the resort's two cooling towers, mechanical systems, the pool area, and sitework improvements.

A major focus of our construction team was finding ways to renovate the interior and exterior of the building while accommodating the needs of the resort's guests. To do this, the construction project was been split into five stages in order to allow the guests to enjoy their stay while construction moved along in discrete work areas.  This work plan allowed the construction team to meet schedule and production goals, while having a minimal impact on the resort's guests and operations.

The construction team that worked on the LTVOR project, commonly referred to as “The Sierra Division”, is comprised of highly professional individuals specializing in renovating occupied buildings.  This team approach, combined with professional tradesmen and subcontractors, led to a successful project and very satisfied client.

Contract Value = $27,182,017

Completion = July 2015