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Completed Projects

We have a diverse resume of projects, from simple structures to state of the art facilities, in both the private and public sectors.  Below are some of our larger projects.

400 Mare Island Way Repairs

This project involved removing an existing failed siding system and replacing it with a drainage EIFS siding system.  The existing punch windows were removed and reinstalled to allow for the installation of a new custom window flashing systems.  All windows on the building were wet sealed.

Contract Value = $2,710,370

Completion = September 2016

Stoneglen HOA Carport Replacements

This project involved the replacement of old wooden carport structures.

Contract Value = $317,633

Completion = October 2018

Gallery Walk HOA Misc. Building Repairs

This condominium reconstruction project involved repairs to pentrations in the existing stucco siding system.  Numerous entry doors, windows, and sliding glass doors were replaced.  Deck and planter wall caps were replaced.  Concrete flatwork and stairs were reworked to prevent future sulfate damage.  Deck drains were replaced, and new deck coating was installed.

Current Contract Value = $3,729,522

Completion = January 2016

Jackson Rancheria Hotel Envelope Renovation

This project involved the complete removal of an EIFS siding system down to the metal framing, and replacing it with a panelized rain screen system.  The windows were replaced and the pedestrian bridge from the parking structure to the hotel was rebuilt.

Contract Value = $4,500,000

Completion = February 2017

Vine Hill HOA Fire Damage Restoration

This project involved the complete reconstruction, from the slab up, of two condominium units that were destroyed by a fire.  It also involved the reconstruction of six units partially damaged by the fire.  We also worked with the HOA's property manager and attorney to assist in resolving claim issues with the HOA's insurance company.

Contract Value = $1,419,585

Completion = November 2016

Private Residence Repairs - Tiburon

This project involved reframing structurally deficient window wall openings, deck framing, and rebuilding glass deck railing at a private residence in Tiburon.

Contract Value = $568,872

Completion = September 2018

1912 Diamond Court Fire Restoration

This project involves the complete restoration of a single family residence damaged by an electrical fire.  The interior smoke damagege was so great that the scope of work call for the entire roof structure to be removed, as well as all interior and exterior finishes.  After demolition, all that will remain in the wall framing.  When we're done, it will basically be a new house.

Current Contract Value = $397,987

Scheduled Completion = March 2019

LTVOR Miscellaneous Building Repairs

The Lake Tahoe Vacation Ownership Resort (LTVOR) Miscellaneous Building Repairs Project was a major renovation project performed at an active timeshare vacation resort on the shore of Lake Tahoe in South Lake Tahoe. This renovation included a full remodel and abatement in 142 of the 182 suites and a full reconstruction of all the exterior systems on the building.

The interior renovation involved demolition and reconstruction of select interior and exterior walls, and remodeling the entire suite with new high-end casework, granite, tile, lighting, plumbing fixtures, carpet and appliances. The end result was an upźdated look and feel that will accommodate the resort's guests for years to come.

On the exterior, all of the existing finishes and waterproofing systems were removed and replaced with new waterproofing membranes, flashings, doors, windows, siding and roofing. The new roofing system was equipped with a Bylin ice melt system, and a stone wainscot was installed around the base of the building to better provide for the harsh climate and snow build-up.

Other areas involved in the renovation were the resort's two cooling towers, mechanical systems, the pool area, and sitework improvements.

A major focus of our construction team was finding ways to renovate the interior and exterior of the building while accommodating the needs of the resort's guests. To do this, the construction project was been split into five stages in order to allow the guests to enjoy their stay while construction moved along in discrete work areas.  This work plan allowed the construction team to meet schedule and production goals, while having a minimal impact on the resort's guests and operations.

The construction team that worked on the LTVOR project, commonly referred to as “The Sierra Division”, is comprised of highly professional individuals specializing in renovating occupied buildings.  This team approach, combined with professional tradesmen and subcontractors, led to a successful project and very satisfied client.

Contract Value = $27,182,017

Completion = July 2015


McCampbell Analytical Tenant Improvements

This project involved building a new laboratory facility inside an existing warehouse space.  Substantial footing and roof structure seismic work were required to bring the existing warehouse structure up to current code requirements.

Contract Value = $2,106,703

Completion = April 2017

The Orchards @ Walnut Creek

This project involved building demising walls, as well as framing the structural openings for the rooftop mechanical equipment, in various tenant spaces.

Contract Value = $244,911

Completion = November 2016