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We have a diverse resume of projects, from simple structures to state of the art facilities, in both the private and public sectors.  Below are some of our larger projects.

1742 Jones Street
1742 Jones Street

This project involved the waterproofing and reconstruction of an exterior balcony and stairway.

Contract Value = $136,000

Completion = August 2017

1900 Alhambra Avenue Tenant Improvements

This project involved selective demolition and tenant improvements to a large commerical building in Sacramento for Goodwill Industries.

Contract Value = $698,398

Completion = December 2017

1912 Diamond Court Fire Restoration

This project involves the complete restoration of a single family residence damaged by an electrical fire.  The interior smoke damagege was so great that the scope of work call for the entire roof structure to be removed, as well as all interior and exterior finishes.  After demolition, all that will remain in the wall framing.  When we're done, it will basically be a new house.

Current Contract Value = $397,987

Scheduled Completion = March 2019

400 Mare Island Way Repairs

This project involved removing an existing failed siding system and replacing it with a drainage EIFS siding system.  The existing punch windows were removed and reinstalled to allow for the installation of a new custom window flashing systems.  All windows on the building were wet sealed.

Contract Value = $2,710,370

Completion = September 2016

50 Lansing HOA Misc. Building Repairs

This project involves window and sliding glass door reflashing, stucco crack repair and recoating, replacement of EPS parapet caps with GSM parapet caps, replacement of rooftop plumbing equipment and interior water lines, and wall-to-deck reflashing at terraces.

Current Contract Value = $2,200,051

Scheduled Completion = February 2020

Addison & 9th Walkway Repairs

This project involves the removal and replacement of exterior elevated walkways on mirror image condominium buildings.  Unit egress must be maintained at all times.

Current Contract Value = $325,156

Scheduled Completion = July 2019

Bay Street - AMC Loading Deck Repair

This project involved the removal and replacement of a failed deck coating system.  Existing deck drains were replaced, additional flashings were installed, an EIFS soffit that was removed due to water damage was replaced, structural retrofiting was done to the concrete deck, and a new deck coating system was installed.

Current Contract Value = $550,428

Completion = January 2016

Bay Street - Express & Forever 21 Shell Prep.

The Bay Street - Express & Forever 21 Shell Preparation project involved the demolition of existing Abercrombie & Fitch, Express, and Nike tenant spaces to make room for a new relocated Express space and a new Forever 21 space. Three existing spaces were combined to make two larger spaces. All work was performed during standard working hours with no disruption to adjacent tenants.

Contract Value = $178,000

Completion = August 2013

Bay Street - Uniqlo Shell Space Preparation

The Bay Street - Uniqlo Shell Space Preparation project involved the demolition of existing Sunglass Hut and Magnolia Audio spaces to make a single larger space for Uniqlo, a new tenant. The larger Uniqlo space was also created by getting some floor space from Barnes & Noble, an adjacent tenant. Getting space from Barnes & Noble required building a new elevator within the existing Barnes & Noble space, and removing the existing elevator, while Barnes & Noble remained open for business with minimal impact to daily operations.

Contract Value = $1,350,000

Completion = February 2014

BioZone Unpermitted TI Corrections
BioZone Unpermitted TI Corrections

This project involved the investigation and correction of unpermitted tenant improvements.  Corrections were made to ensure the as-built conditions match the permitted plans that were completed and permitted after the initial construction was complete.

Contract Value = $268,000

Completion = August 2017