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Here’s what our customers are saying about us…

“R.L. Brown’s attention to detail and planning were outstanding for the two major renovation projects that they successfully completed for us. Our tenants were able to remain open with minimal disruption to their business, and without complaints. They communicated regularly with the tenants to minimize any inconvenience. R.L. Brown is in business, to stay in the business; they are able to recognize the importance of customer service.” - Cedric Young of MadisonMarquette

“R.L. Brown is a quality contractor who can deliver on their promise to provide detail oriented and client focused construction services. Their dedication to the client and project objectives are clear from the outset of the planning process and carry through to their attentive execution of their work. At the end of the day, it is all about quality, value and a commitment to the client – ideals that R.L. Brown has proven they can deliver.” - Jim Mendygral of Simpson, Gumpertz & Heger

“Replacing cedar shingle siding is difficult work under the best of circumstances, but try doing it on a 65 unit mid-rise condominium with countless protrusions, balconies, decorative walls and strange angles and things get really tough. Now repeat this work on three more buildings of identical size (but not shape) on the side of a steep hill, and do so in less than a year, with fully occupied condos under the watchful eye of a very demanding Board of Directors. By the way, you must stay on budget with minimal change orders. The workmanship must be superb and any warranty items must be addressed immediately. If you are able to achieve all of the above, you are in the same league as R.L. Brown.” - Paul Collins of Collins Management

“Having worked on two challenging projects with R.L. Brown, I appreciated their effort to find creative and practical solutions to the various complex construction issues that would arise. Moreover, their fairness and honesty in managing detailed project cost and schedule changes made the projects much easier to manage.” - Glenn Granada of Swinerton management and Consulting

“We were faced with a monumental addition and improvement of the second floor of our medical building. Full operation of the first floor medical practice was required during construction. This was not an easy task but the entire process was done with skill and the upmost regard for our staff and patients safety. Along with the quality craftsmanship, the crew was extremely conscious and respectful of their language and tidiness. The entire experience was professional and friendly.” - Connie Tomcik

“As an attorney who specializes in construction law, I deal with dozens of construction companies on a regular basis. R.L. Brown has always stood out for its attention to detail on even the most complex projects. When I decided to remodel my own home I hired R.L. Brown and I was extremely pleased with both their professionalism during the projectas well as the end product.” - Karl Molineux of Merrill, Nomura, & Molineux

“We have done several large commercial construction projects with R.L. Brown, and many smaller scaled projects. They always keep the lines of communication open and clear between our teams. I know what the customer expects and when they want it. R.L. Brown completes their projects per the specifications and schedules are kept on time. Scheduling all trades and keeping the subcontractors working efficiently together is a trademark of a R.L. Brown project. I wish that we could work with them on all of our commercial construction projects. They deliver a finished product to the owner’s satisfaction and they take care of the subcontractors as well.” - Jim Hein of Hein Lighting & Electric

Robert L. Brown Construction fixed our sinking foundation with the utmost professionalism. Their crews were prompt, experienced and we are very, very happy with the work they performed.”  - Judy Yerman

"I’ve worked both personally and professionally with Robert L. Brown Construction for over ten years and I highly recommend them for their impeccable workmanship and exceptional attention to detail. They do great work, have consistently exceeded my expectations and I trust my home in their hands." - A. Friedman

 “The employees of Robert L. Brown Construction acted in an extremely professional and considerate manner. I found that the workers took precautions to protect my furnishings while working, and left my home each day in the condition they had found it, or as close to, if work was incomplete. They worked efficiently so as not to prolong the inconvenience, and were cooperative when it came to scheduling.” - Kathy Manucci

“I would like to commend your crew that has been working on my condominium on Cactus Ct. in Rossmoor. They are polite, work efficiently, always leave the site clean at the end of the day and the supervisor, Randy is always on top of everything that is happening. I have lived here for almost 31 years and have seen many workers but yours are the best.” - Jacquelin Fox

“Randy Sappington and his crew of men have worked diligently and tirelessly on our building for many months. They have shown great respect and politeness to me and the other residents.” - Sigrid Lott

 “Randy and his crew were professional, responsive, and flexible. We have 2 extremely spoiled indoor cats. Randy took great pains to ensure that each day’s repair activity would work around our Cecil and Babe.” - John Rosenbaum & Janie Nutt

“Steve Reichel has kept a tight reign on the workmen and costs and did an outstanding job of interfacing with some of our residents under difficult situations.” - George Einfeldt on behalf of the Bridgewater HOA Board of Directors

“Steve Reichel and his crew were friendly, easy to work with, and open to suggestions. In addition, the workmanship and craftsmanship during the repair was excellent.” - Gary Searer of Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc.

“In all my travels and professional dealings with Chief Executive Officers, Executive V.P.’s, and Chief Operative Officers, I have never seen or experienced the care, professionalism, diligence, and concern for people your staff has exemplified here at the Canyon Meadows condominium complex.” - Timothy Wood

 “The crew spent more than a week at my house in February and March and another couple of weeks after the rains in April. Every morning Randy would start the day introducing me to the crew who would be working that day. He kept me informed every step of the way so I knew exactly what each man was doing and why he was there. At the end of the day Randy would come to go over everything with me and make sure I was satisfied. He checked the daily clean up to make sure my house was usable at night. If I had a concern, I addressed it with Randy and it was immediately handled. Even more important was the quality of the workmanship being produced. The interior repairs mostly done by Mark or Marty were seamless.”  - Lesa & Andrew Mayes

“We were very impressed by the friendliness of your staff and how well they cleaned up at the end of each day. You made what could have been an awful experience into a relatively painless one.” - Sharon & Marcos Krapf

“John & his crew are superb! While the entire project schedule has slipped several months the workmanship, customer service, and sensitivity he and his crew have exhibited to the homeowners has been fantastic. They bend over backwards to please us. They have been the bright spot in this whole messy affair.” - Kevin & Janet Werner

“We would like to thank you for the splendid job you recently completed for us. We would highly recommend you at any time in the future. John was a most competent supervisor with full control of every detail. We found that the whole project ran smoothly, schedules and budgets were adhered to; owner’s individual needs were met. The conscientious effort to bring to our attention additional situations not originally contracted for was greatly appreciated and proved to be financially beneficial to us. The job site was always kept clean and all of your crew were courteous at all times.” - Village Homeowner Board of Directors

“We just want to formally thank you and your entire crew for the excellent job they performed at our condominium complex. Not only does the repair work completed by your employees appear to be first rate but, and just as important, the way they interacted with the homeowners was very courteous and professional, an unfortunate rarity these days. We know that we put you and your crew under difficult conditions and everyone performed magnificently!” - David Leonard President Barbara Ward Vice-President Newhall Village HOA

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the destructive testing work that your company performed on the Olympian Hills Condominium project. In particular, I would like to commend Mr. John Parker for his excellent work. In addition to his outstanding workmanship and thorough construction knowledge, his ability to work successfully with a constantly changing schedule, inconvenient hours and a variety of personalities (such as dozens of homeowners, experts and attorneys) made the destructive testing process on this project much easier than originally anticipated.” - David Heryet  of Madsen, Kneppers and Associates, Inc.

“Through John’s excellent communication skills he has been able to give me the “picture” of many difficult conditions over the phone thereby saving me considerable travel and field time. Obviously John’s abilities have also saved your clients a substantial sum in engineering fees.” - Robert Kendall of Robert C. Kendall & Associates